Devil's Gulch Scenic Drive Near Rocky Mountain National Park

This is a shorter drive, but provides wonderful views of Longs Peak, Estes Park, and the Continental Divide. The mountains seem to rise right up out of the meadows. You won't want to take your eyes off the views, so be sure to use the pull-offs!

Devil’s Gulch Road

Just outside of Estes Park is Devil’s Gulch Road (county road 43). It leads from Estes Park to the little town of Glen Haven. The views along this road are spectacular. Perhaps the best way to enjoy this road is to drive all the way to Glen Haven and stop by the general store for a giant and delicious cinnamon roll.

Glen Haven was nearly washed off the map during the big floods of 2013. The river rose so high that it swept away most of the buildings in town and left the remaining ones in a terrible state. Since then, the residents have worked hard to restore the town.

Continue back the way you came, and when you reach the top of the switchbacks stop at the first pull-over on your right. Here you will be treated to a breath-taking view of Longs Peak, the Continental Divide, and the Estes Valley.

As you continue back to Estes Park the views will continue to change and will continue to inspire you. You’ll eventually pass by the turn for the Lumpy Ridge Trailhead, which contains two major trails into this section of Rocky Mountain National Park.

Just past this there is a sharp left turn in the road. Pull over here. This is the entrance to MacGregor Ranch which was founded in 1873 and is still a working cattle ranch today. It sits right at the edge of Rocky Mountain National Park and reminds us of life in this valley nearly 150 years ago. During the summer there is a small museum and gift shop open to the public on the ranch.