Accessibility for Disabilities in Rocky Mountain National Park

Exploring nature is for everyone! Rocky Mountain National Park is committed to providing visitors with disabilities many services and resources so they can have a great experience.


What is and isn't allowed under park regulations and the Americans with Disabilities Act? Learn about wheelchair usage and service animals in the natural areas and facilities of RMNP.

Resources and Services for Visitors with Disabilities

This section will go through the physical resources available to visitors with disabilities. Information in this section includes Interagency Passes, interpreters, the all-terrain wheelchair, and local guides...

Accessible Facilities in Rocky Mountain National Park

Each of the visitor centers offers accommodations in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act including accessible restrooms, interpreters, ISA designated parking spaces, subtitled videos, and more...

Accessible Walking and Hiking Trails in Rocky Mountain National Park

RMNP has a number of trails that are considered accessible. These trails are graded and have minimal elevation gain, making them ideal destinations for visitors using mobility aids.

Accessible Campsites in Rocky Mountain National Park Campgrounds

Three campgrounds in the park have accessible campsites: Moraine Park, Glacier Basin, and Timber Creek. There is also an accessible wilderness camping site located near Sprague Lake.

The information included in the Accessibility section of has been sourced from the official government website for RMNP.