Photography Tours in Rocky Mountain National Park

Have an experienced guide take you out into Rocky to help you make amazing photographs. They can help you make amazing photos on your visit.

    Yellow Wood Guiding - Private Tours

    Photo Tours & Wildlife Safaris offered year round. 20 years of Photography instruction experience, beginners to pros. Customize a private sunrise or sunset tour. Pro Gear use available 14mm - 850mm...

    Dawn Wilson Photography Tours

    Join award-winning photographer, Dawn Wilson, on an adventure to photograph the most dramatic scenes and charismatic wildlife in Rocky Mountain National Park. Options include sunrise, sunset, half-day or full-day tours...

    If you enjoy photography and are planning to visit Rocky Mountain National Park, then consider taking a photo tour with a professional nature photographer. While you can certainly go out on your own and make photos, a guide can help you make even better photos. Whether you have never taken nature photos before or are an experienced nature photographer, there is a lot that can be gained by hiring a local photography guide.

    The main benefit is that these guides really know Rocky Mountain National Park. They know where the sun will rise when you visit, which mountains it will illuminate, what the weather is likely to do, where the vegetation is looking its best, where wildlife is most likely to be found at each hour of the day, and where to get away from the crowds. They can help you achieve your vision and have the most memorable photography trip possible.

    Before you look at the different guided opportunities, you should try and determine your goals and desires. Every photo guide will have different areas of focus and strength. Some of these guides primarily focus on wildlife photography. These guides may know the habits, temperament, and locations for most of the wild creatures in the park. They may have long lenses and binoculars you can use. Other guides may focus more on the incredible landscapes, both the grand scenes and the small details. They will take you to areas with the very best views and perspectives. Other guides may do a lot of night photography, showing the vast canopy of stars overhead, and some may do a bit of everything. Another aspect to consider when researching a photo guide is whether you are looking for someone to provide you with instruction on using your camera or someone to simply helping you get to the right location.

    After identifying your goals and desires, take a close look at their websites, look at their photography, read reviews that have been left for them, and see how they describe about their tours. Then, reach out and give them a call. All of them will be happy to share more about their tours and help you determine if what they are offering is a good fit for you. Make sure you clearly express your hopes and expectations as that will help you both. If you do these things, you are likely to come away with a photography experience you will never forget.

    Below you will find many of the photo guides serving Rocky Mountain National Park. All of these have licenses with the National Park Service for offering tours and workshops in Rocky Mountain National Park.