Picnic Sites

There are so many different picnic areas to choose from! Visit the pages below for a list of picnic sites for different areas of the park.

Please note that there are also picnic sites located at the campgrounds in RMNP. However, they are reserved for those with camping reservations from Memorial Day through the end of September. These campgrounds are Aspenglen, Glacier Basin, Longs Peak, Moraine Park, and Timber Creek. These dates correspond to when campers will be utilizing the picnic sites themselves. Any picnicking which interferes with overnight campers is prohibited at all times.

Between May 26, 2023 and October 22, 2023, you will be required to have a timed entry reservation to access any of the national park picnic sites between 9am and 2pm. For picnic sites in the Bear Lake Road Corridor, timed entry reservations will be required between 5am-6pm.