Upper Tonahutu Trail Closed Again

July 20, 2022  |  Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Park staff are adjusting the trail status of the Upper Tonahutu Creek Trail. The Upper Tonahutu Creek Trail from the junction of Onahu Trail at Tonahutu to Flattop Mountain has closed again for ongoing evaluation. The Green Mountain/Onahu Trail loop will remain open to hikers.

The Green Mountain Trail remains closed to stock users. All stock users are advised to use the Onahu Trail in and out.

On the west side of the park, the Sun Valley and River Trail and the Lower Tonahutu Trail (between Big Meadows and the KVC Turkey Spur Trail) remain closed to all users.

In the northwest area of the park the Mirror Lake area trail system remains closed. On the east side of the park the Spruce Lake Trail remains closed.

Park visitors should be aware of additional hazards when recreating in burn areas including:

  • Burned-out stump holes where the ground may be weak and unstable
  • Unstable dead trees, especially in windy conditions
  • Loose rocks, logs and rolling debris
  • Flash flooding and significant debris flow possible in burn areas
  • Dry, hot conditions with little forest canopy to provide shade

For current fire information, maps and details on areas closures within RMNP, visit https://www.nps.gov/romo/learn...