New Book by Dawn Wilson

May 22, 2023  |  Estes Park, Colorado

The first views of Estes Valley, with the awe-inspiring scene of mountain peaks along the Continental Divide, have garnered the same wide-eyed response from first-time visitors as far back as when Joel Estes first settled in the area in 1860. There is so much more, however, to this mountain town that sits at 7,522 feet at the base of Rocky Mountain National Park.

100 Things to Do in Estes Park Before You Die provides ample suggestions for those interested in discovering its valleys, trails, and history rich with characters and stories unlike any other in Colorado.

Discover how F.O. Stanley, the founder of the Stanley Motor Carriage Company, built not only his ornate hotel at the base of Lumpy Ridge but also impacted the town’s current reputation and its connection to the movie The Shining. Explore some of the more than 400 miles of trails in the area with recommendations for the best for sunrise, prettiest alpine lakes, and photo spots. Learn why saltwater taffy wound up being popular in the Rocky Mountains and where to see a key from Frankenstein’s castle. Like most Colorado towns, Estes Park also has a wide selection of breweries plus a flare for award-winning whiskey at Elkins Distillery, Estes Park’s first legal whiskey distillery.
Estes Park-based writer, photographer, and guide Dawn Wilson will take you on a journey to discover what sets this mountain town apart from others in Colorado. Her collection here of all things outdoors, indoors, and around every curve in the path provides the best insider tips about the area for first-time visitors and longtime residents.

100 Things to Do in Estes Park Before You Die is available on Dawn Wilson's website or wherever books are sold. Dawn also has a photo guiding business in Rocky Mountain National Park.