Take the Pledge to Protect Rocky Mountain National Park

One way you can care for Rocky Mountain National Park is to take the Rocky Pledge. It is a commitment to simple actions that will have a significant impact on preserving this special place.

As the number of visitors to Rocky Mountain National Park has increased over the past decade the damage to the national park has become increasingly severe. Most of this damage is a result of visitors simply not knowing how the little things they do result in a major impact when multiplied by thousands of people all doing the same thing. To help mitigate this damage the leadership at Rocky Mountain National Park developed the Rocky Pledge. If you would take the time to read this carefully and consider making this commitment yourself, it will go a long way towards helping to protect this special place for future generations.

The Rocky Pledge

“To preserve unimpaired for this and future generations the beauty, history, and wildness therein, I pledge to protect Rocky Mountain National Park.”

To prevent fire scars and human-caused fires, I pledge to never build a fire outside of a campground or picnic area fire grate.

To protect plants, meadows, and alpine tundra, I pledge to park and drive only on designated asphalt or gravel parking areas, never on vegetation.

To respect other visitors’ experiences, if I need to go but am not near a restroom, I pledge to leave no trace by stepping well away from the trail and water sources, burying my waste at least six inches deep or packing it out in a waste bag, and carrying out my toilet paper.

To respect Rocky’s wild creatures and to protect myself, I pledge to watch wildlife from a distance that doesn’t disturb them in any way. I will never feed an animal—doing so causes it harm.

To respect history, heritage, and natural processes, I pledge to remove nothing from the park except my own and others’ trash—not even a flower, pinecone, or rock. I will leave no trace of my visit so that the next person can experience the same beauty as I did.

To keep my pet, wildlife, and other visitors safe, I pledge to keep my leashed pet only on roads, in campgrounds, and in picnic and parking areas. I will never take my dog on Rocky’s trails, meadows, or tundra areas.

To preserve them for the enjoyment, education, and inspiration of this and future generations, I pledge to honor, respect, and protect all our national parks and public lands.

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Learn more about how you can help care for Rocky Mountain National Park on your visit.