Current Road Conditions in Rocky Mountain National Park

Road construction, Trail Ridge Road status, winter driving conditions, and more can all be found here. We'll update you on what to expect when you visit Rocky Mountain National Park.

Last updated: September 12, 2023 (Updated as there are changes to report)

Trail Ridge Road September 11, 2023 Morning Courtesy RMNP

Trail Ridge Road

We had our first snow of the season up on Trail Ridge Road on September 11th and we've had several snows since then. Be aware that at this time of year weather conditions at higher elevations may change rapidly. Be prepared for encountering snow or ice, particularly early in the day or at night. The NPS (National Park Service) may close the road when they realize that it is unsafe, but they don't have anyone stationed up there 24 hours a day, so it may take a while for them to find out and then clear it of people before closing it. So, keep an eye on the weather. This is especially important if you are crossing from one side of the park to another and need to return, as the NPS may close the road for hours or even for days at a time due to bad weather, resulting in a 3 hour detour to return to the other side. To find the latest information on the road call the park’s Trail Ridge Road recorded status phone line at (970) 586-1222. Park staff will update the recorded line when/if the road status changes.

Do you wonder why the road is closed all winter, find out here. You can also see photos from a mid-April ski trip up Trail Ridge Road. To learn more about driving Trail Ridge Road in the summer, read this.

Old Fall River Road:

Old Fall River Road will be closing for the season to vehicles beginning Tuesday, October 3. The road will be closed to all uses through Friday, October 6, for park staff to conduct road maintenance. Old Fall River Road will reopen temporarily to bicycles, leashed pets and walkers for Saturday October 7, through Monday, October 9. Starting, Tuesday, October 10, Old Fall River Road will close again to all uses for continued road maintenance through Friday, October 13. On Saturday, October 14, the road will reopen to bicycles, leashed pets and walkers through November 30. Leashed pets and bicycles are only allowed on the road, not on side trails. On December 1, the road will revert to trail status and bicycles and leashed pets will not be allowed on the road.

Old Fall River Road was built between 1913 and 1920. It is an unpaved road which travels from Endovalley Picnic Area to above treeline at Fall River Pass, following the steep slope of Mount Chapin’s south face. Due to the winding, narrow nature of the road, the scenic 9.4-mile route leading to Trail Ridge Road is one-way only. Vehicles over 25 feet and vehicles pulling trailers are prohibited on the road. Read more about this scenic drive here.

Old Fall River Road is open for the season!

Road Construction

  • There is currently construction underway at the Fall River Entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park. Construction is expected to last through the autumn of 2023. There is only one entrance lane open during this time. Additionally, there is construction along highway 34 to install a new sidewalk from Estes Park all the way to the Aspenglen campground. For these reasons it is recommended that visitors use the Beaver Meadows Entrance on Highway 36.
  • Along highway 36 entering into Estes Park, the traffic will move in an alternating one-way pattern at the Community Drive intersection, which is as you pass Lake Estes on the way into Estes Park. This change is part of the construction of a new roundabout in this location.
  • There is currently major construction in the town of Estes Park to address the traffic congestion. This project may add a few additional minutes to reach the Beaver Meadows Entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park. Construction is expected to last through winter of 2024. Visit the US Department of Transportation/Federal Highway Administration website for information on this project. See diagram below.

Rocky's X (Twitter) Feed

Monitor Rocky Mountain National Park’s X feed (Twitter) for the very latest road condition news. They often list vital information on road conditions, road construction, and other information you may need to know. This feed now requires an account with (Twitter) to see the most recent posts.

During snowy days they may require all-wheel drive, 4-wheel drive, or chains on your vehicle to enter the park. When these requirements come into force, they will be announced on Rocky's X feed.