Current Trail Conditions in Rocky Mountain National Park

Last updated: September 23, 2022

General Overview of Current Trail Situation in Rocky Mountain National Park

As we move into the autumn season, winter conditions will start to appear between warm and bright sunny days. At high elevations snow and ice can begin to form by mid-September. You should be especially mindful of this if you plan to climb any of the peaks in the park. Shaded areas on the peaks are are particularly prone to ice. We may get some very warm days that are perfect for hiking, even at high elevation, as well as a growing number of cool and even cold days, but over the next weeks, winter will slowly arrive and make its way from the mountain peaks to the valleys below. By mid-October it is common for there to be snow and ice on many of the park's trails.

Currently there are still a few trails closed due to fire damage from the October 2020 fires and a trail closure due to construction. These trails are listed below. As snow begins to build on the trails we plan to add that to our trail reports.

Chasm Star Trail

Autumn 2008 along the Chasm Lake trail.

Specific trail reports

These trail reports are provided early in the season(April-July) and late in the season (October-November) to report snow fields, ice, fallen trees, or trail damage. From mid-July through early October there are usually very few reports since most trails are open and in good condition.

September 23, 2022

  • The Saint Vrain Bridge on the Wild Basin Trail is now open to pedestrian traffic. Work will continue, but you can now hike directly up to Calypso Cascades and Ouzel Falls without making the long detour.

September 15, 2022

  • A bridge on the Wild Basin trail will be under construction September 19-22. During this time the only way to access Ouzel Falls or Calypso Cascades will be by making a detour using the camper's trail. This route makes Ouzel Falls a 7 mile round-trip and Calypso Cascades an 8.6 mile round trip hike.

September 9, 2022

  • The Spruce Lake Trail (near Fern Lake) has finally reopened following the fire damage caused in October of 2020.

July 27th 2022

  • There is still a very small snowfield to cross just before you reach Bluebird Lake. This rarely melts out completely, although this year it could. This snowfield is easily crossed on warmer days.

July 20th 2022

  • The NPS has once again closed the Tonahutu Trail between Flattop Mountain and the Onahu Trail.

July 14th

  • There are still many fallen trees between Lake Helene and Odessa Lake.

July 10th

  • Nearly all the snow has melted from the Flattop trail.

Trail Closures

  • Milner Pass parking area and trailhead will be closed from September 7 through mid-October. This impacts the Western Ute Trail and the trail to Mt. Ida. Read more here.

The following trails are still closed as a result of the fires of 2020:

  • Lower Tonahutu Trail (between Green Mtn. Junction and KVC junction.
  • Tonahutu Trail between the Onahu Trail (Big Medows) and Flattop Mountain
  • Mirror Lake Trail (Mummy Range)
  • Mummy Pass Trail (Mummy Range)
  • Comanche Peak Trail (Mummy Range)
  • Most of the Sun Valley Trail (Kawuneeche Valley)

You can read more about trail closures and see a map here.


Here are a few important things to keep in mind as you head out onto the trails.

Before you depart, spend a little while on our safety page to ensure that you are ready for this summer season. Also check out our know before you go section, with helpful articles and links to resources for those who are planning to hike in Rocky Mountain National Park.

At this time of year it is possible to experience snowstorms as well as high winds. Keep an eye on the weather.