Wedding Ceremony Sites

Please note that these are the only sites where wedding ceremonies are permitted- wedding ceremonies are not permitted in public facilities such as visitor centers, roadside turnouts, parking areas, overlooks, or in special wildlife viewing areas.

Ceremonies are limited to two hours maximum at all locations. No sites can be reserved for the exclusive use of your event. Other visitors, scheduled park programs or activities may be taking place at the same time and in the same general area.

All approved wedding sites can only accommodate small groups, so there is a strict cap on how many people can be in attendance and how many vehicles may occupy parking spaces. Generally, the maximum ceremony size for all wedding locations is 30 people, although each site has its own ceremony size restrictions. There are limited sites that will accommodate groups up to 30, and these should be scheduled as soon as possible through the application process with the Concessions Office. “Ceremony Size” refers to how many total people are participating in the wedding ceremony- this includes the couple, officiant, photographers/videographers, wedding party including bridesmaids and groomsmen, guests including infants and children, etc. As a reminder, ceremonies are not allowed to close areas or deny other park visitors access to areas for their ceremony.

A few of the sites allow for more guests in the wintertime than during the summer and are noted in the “Other Notes and Restrictions” section associated with each site. The “summer season” in this context is the Friday before Memorial Day weekend through Indigenous Peoples’ Day. All locations require an entrance pass all year and require timed entry permits during the busy summer season. Visit our “Permits and Passes” page for more information.